Mika Sherree is a model and actress born and raised in the Windy City of Chicago.  Mika began her modeling career at Northern Illinois University in 2007.   After perfecting her runway walk she developed a true passion for modeling.  She set her sights on fashion modeling in NYC.  After a living in New York, Mika decided living in the Big Apple was not for her so she returned to Chicago to regroup and plan her next steps.

Intent on living the coastal life and having ruled out New York Mika felt Hollywood would be the place to ramp up her career.  Enchanted immediately with the mountains, palm trees and sunshine she set herself up in a place and at only 20 was ready to take the LA modeling scene by storm.


Mika worked as a freelance model to build up her portfolio and sought out representation. Her freelance modeling led to opportunities working with many reputable companies and names such as; Anheuser Busch, The Janice Dickenson Show, and was recruited for America’s Next Top Model. She was the lead female model in Lil Wayne’s Everygirl music video and she was also featured in Eminem’s Rockstar- We Made You video.


All the while Mika was enrolled in school and tackling a degree in nursing.  She was determined to be a successful model as well as complete her nursing education.  Always one to challenge herself, Mika jumped at the chance when an opportunity to finish her nursing degree in an accelerated program back in Chicago presented itself.  Armed with the experience and knowledge she had garnered during her time in Los Angeles, Mika was ready to delve into the Chi town modeling and acting scene.


Today, Mika Sherree has a BSN from Chamberlain College of Nursing.  She experienced success as a model as well; booking many print and commercial jobs for brands such as, State Farm, Colgate, Comcast, Sears, Ross, Perkins Restaurant, and gracing the pages of many magazines such as, Essence, Sister 2 Sister, and Marie Claire.


Always ready with her signature smile Mika was born to be in front of the camera.  She has also set her sights on projects that allow her to give back.  The first of such projects is Mika Model Management.


Stay tuned for more details and updates!


Mika Sherree



TV/ Film

Residdium - Feature                           Featured                     d/ Ed Pionke

Night Cap- Student                             Lead                           d/ Ian Szyman

Changing – Student                             Lead                           d/ Camilla Black



Perkins Restaurant                               Lead                           d/ KY Dickens

The Hills                                              Featured                     d/ Matt Harris

HIV/ AIDS Awareness                        Lead                           d/ Christian Herrera



Comcast Cable                                     Featured                     Burrell Advertising Inc.

Allstate Insurance                                Featured                      Karen Morgan Photo

State Farm Insurance                           Featured                      State Farm

Hyatt Hotel                                          Featured                      Bretford Inc.

National Restaurant Association         Principle                      Lindsay Gallup Photography

Colgate Toothpaste                              Principle                      Sandro Photography

Target Toning                                      Cover                           Target

Dental Trade                                        Featured                       PictureBoy Creative

Vecco Paint                                          Feature                        Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

Sears Department Store                       Featured                             Centerpoint

Ebony Magazine                                  Featured                       DDT Photography

Essence Eyewear (Campaign)             Principle                       Essence magazine

Sister to Sister Magazine                     Featured                        Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Hype Hair Magazine                            Featured                       Hype Hair Magazine

Down the Rabbit Hole Book                Featured                       Justin Monroe Photography

Schedulicity                                          Featured                       Sechedulicity

Interview With Love                            Cover                            In- house

The Stalker Chronicles                         Cover                            In – house

Boyfriend Trouble                                Cover                            In- house

Ceremony Magazine                             Featured                        In- house



Blackbox Studio                    Meisner II                                      Conor Woods

ActOne                                  TV/Film Technique                       Susan Monts- Bologna

Acting Studio Chicago          Rock the Commercial Callback     Matthew Miller

The Greenroom                     Commercial Technique                  Sean Bradley

Tasha Smith Acting Studio    TV/Film Technique                       Tasha Smith



Registered Nurse, Licensed Driver, Valid Passport, waitressing, bartending, sprinting, boxing, yoga, exercising, roller-blading, Double- Dutch jump rope, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, cartwheel, round- off, great with kids, social dance, meditation

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